Lindy Poling

Teaching Ideas and Resources


  • Suggested Websites : Building Community: Schools – Students – Veterans .  Here you will find some excellent websites to facilitate community building programs with Veterans.



  •  Veteran Speakers in the Classroom : Build a network of veteran community speakers for your classroom/school through parents, PTA, veterans' organizations, and other community resources. Veteran speakers can enrich the curriculum, as well as serve as positive role models for your students. 





  • Film Viewing Guide : Here is a generic student film viewing guide that is effective and very versatile! Most school systems require parental or guardian permission for films and documentaries not owned or previously approved by the school’s media department. Here you will find two sample approval forms.



  • Cold War Era Project GuidelinesStudents gain a clearer understanding of the Vietnam Era if they have knowledge of the events and policies leading up to the Vietnam War. Here you will find project topics and guidelines relating to a study of the Cold War.

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