Educating, Uniting & Inspiring Active Citizens


Sam Pressler, W&M student and founder of the Center for Veterans Engagement; John Lesinski, Advisory Board Member at Shenandoah University Center for Public Service and Scholarship; Jose Roman, Asst. Director Advisor Peninsula Higher Education Center; Lindy Poling, W&M (Class of ’75) and Lessons of Vietnam Educator;    Sebastian Munevar, former Army Staff Sargeant, W&M student and W&M Veterans Society Director of External Affairs; Van Black, W&M (Class of ’75) and founder of Staying Connected, the premiere sponsor of the Active Citizen’s Conference; Nate Carabello, W&M sophomore; Karen Kennedy Schultz, W&M (Class of ’75 ) and Director, The Center for Public Service and Scholarship at Shenandoah University.



Building Community with Veterans, One Veteran at a Time

Presenters: Sam Pressler, Lindy Poling, John Lesinski, Van Black, Karen Schultz | William & Mary

Leveraging the knowledge of a panel of subject matter experts, small discussion groups and informational/personal networking, participants will explore how school and individuals are building community with Veterans in creative and personal ways. All Veterans at the Conference and Conference participants/schools with experience in working with Veterans are encouraged to attend, share their own experiences and learn from other participants.

Quotes from Participants:

The presentations and panel discussions at the W&M conference were stupendous! The presentation on Lessons of Vietnam was particularly touching, as it not only bridges the gap between veterans and civilians, but also the gap between young adults and older generations. The discussions were also very productive and addressed important challenges that veterans face as they transition into civilian life. Everyone was engaged and contributed to the conversation in a meaningful way. I am grateful to William & Mary for hosting and I am grateful to all those who participated.  ~ Sebastian Munevar

“It was such a humbling and educational experience to talk with Veterans and others who support Veterans programs to understand how we can continue to build community and address the needs the Veterans and their families face each day.” ~ Van Black

It is crucial that we continue to reach out to our veterans to give them our support and to learn from them.  Knowing that there are such vital ways to do this, as presented by Lindy Poling, is very helpful.

~ Karen Schultz

William & Mary Active Citizens Conference–Feb. 21, 2015

I am very excited about participating in The College of William and Mary’s Active Citizens Conference on February 21st! My presentation is titled, “Building Community with Veterans Through School Programs–A Personal Approach.” It is wonderful to give back to my alma mater, as well as share information on a topic I am so passionate about!

More information about this conference can be found on this site:

Thoughts and Prayers for Larry Stogner

On behalf of all MHS Lessons of Vietnam students, I would like to share our thoughts and prayers with our dear friend, Mr. Larry Stogner, as he battles ALS. For over a dozen years, he served as a terrific classroom speaker, as an amazing LINK, and as a member of our BRIDGES Newsletter Advisory Board. These wonderful photos were taken in our classroom in December 2010 and in the spring of 2011. A picture is worth a thousand words–and you can see the positive impact he has had on so many students–and their teacher!


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A Tribute to Delores Conner

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Many of you will remember the special visits to my classroom by H.T. and Delores Conner. Sadly, Delores passed away on December 31, 2014. What a positive difference she made to this teacher–and to the thousands of Millbrook High School U.S. History students she met each semester for almost two decades! We will never forget her enlightening stories about growing up in The Home, meeting H.T. “Rough Conner, and life during the World War II Era. Delores and H.T. made history come alive by sharing their insights on a crucial time period in our history, and by sharing the songs and dances of the WWII Era with so many. I know we will all miss this amazing lady who made learning history so much fun!

Remembering Mrs. Emmett “Muggs” Tidd


Many students and friends of our LOV class will remember the wonderful bi-annual visits by Vice Admiral and Mrs. Emmett Tidd from 1999-2006. Not only did they share  their insights regarding the ‘Lessons of Vietnam,’ but they also related many personal stories about life in the Navy during the Cold War—and beyond. Sadly, Mrs. Tidd passed away on December 28, 2014. She was 90 years old.

In the 2011 Special Edition of Bridges-The Lessons of Vietnam ( ) you will find a terrific article, titled:  Military Service a Part of the Tidd Family’s DNA. Folowing is an excerpt from this article:

While the Admiral was traveling the world with the U.S. Navy with long separations from the family, Mrs. Tidd was at home raising their two boys. “Muggs” jokingly told us that she kept a picture of her husband by the door and told her sons, “If a man comes to the door who looks like that, he’s your father!” After meeting this amazing lady, many students commented that they now believe the hardest job in the Navy is to be a wife and mother.

Muggs Tidd was a tremendous inspiration to our Lessons of Vietnam Program, as she and the Admiral were instrumental in helping to establish our Veteran-Student Link Program and the publication of our BRIDGES Newsletters from 1999-2011. She was a true American patriot who gave so much to everyone lucky enough to know her. We will miss her dearly!

Lindy Poling