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Remembering Mrs. Emmett “Muggs” Tidd

Remembering Mrs. Emmett “Muggs” Tidd


Many students and friends of our LOV class will remember the wonderful bi-annual visits by Vice Admiral and Mrs. Emmett Tidd from 1999-2006. Not only did they share  their insights regarding the ‘Lessons of Vietnam,’ but they also related many personal stories about life in the Navy during the Cold War—and beyond. Sadly, Mrs. Tidd passed away on December 28, 2014. She was 90 years old.

In the 2011 Special Edition of Bridges-The Lessons of Vietnam ( ) you will find a terrific article, titled:  Military Service a Part of the Tidd Family’s DNA. Folowing is an excerpt from this article:

While the Admiral was traveling the world with the U.S. Navy with long separations from the family, Mrs. Tidd was at home raising their two boys. “Muggs” jokingly told us that she kept a picture of her husband by the door and told her sons, “If a man comes to the door who looks like that, he’s your father!” After meeting this amazing lady, many students commented that they now believe the hardest job in the Navy is to be a wife and mother.

Muggs Tidd was a tremendous inspiration to our Lessons of Vietnam Program, as she and the Admiral were instrumental in helping to establish our Veteran-Student Link Program and the publication of our BRIDGES Newsletters from 1999-2011. She was a true American patriot who gave so much to everyone lucky enough to know her. We will miss her dearly!

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  1. Kenneth Dodd, YN3

    My wife and I send our sincere condolence to the Tidd family. God bless Adm. and Mrs. TIdd and thank you for your tremendous service to country.

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